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WLS Privacy Policy

  • Whistler Listing System

    The Whistler Listing System (WLS) is a privately owned business that collects, collates and distributes real estate information in the Whistler and Pemberton areas to assist the users of the system in their efforts to market, sell, appraise and to otherwise assist with the operation of an efficient real estate market.

    The WLS recognizes and complies with the requirements of The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

    The WLS recognizes and abides by the principles set out in the Canadian Real Estate Association Privacy Code.

    All users of the WLS are recognized to have their own privacy policies which, amongst other requirements, disclose that selected parts of their customers’ personal information will be disclosed to the WLS for the purpose of assisting with the purchase and/or sale of real estate in the Whistler and Pemberton area.

  • The Policy Standards

    The WLS only collects personal information

    1. About users to the extent necessary to process membership, collect dues, operate the WLS system, enforce its user agreement and effectively administer the system.
    2. About buyers, sellers and properties provided by its users of the system to the extent necessary to operate the system.
  • The Person in Charge

    The owners of the system are the parties responsible for privacy compliance of the system. They are RE/MAX Sea to Sky Real Estate and The Whistler Real Estate Company Ltd. All inquires related to privacy issues may be directed to either of the general managers of these firms.

  • The Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

    Users of the system are required to have express consent (whether oral or written) to disclose any personal information to WLS that the system requires to operate this system on a normal basis.

    WLS receives this information for the purpose of developing informational and marketing tools, which are disclosed solely to the users and the system to assist them in their real estate activities. These tools are both historical and current in nature.

    No information, personal or otherwise is disclosed by WLS to anyone other than a user of the system who has executed a user agreement.

    Under the user agreement, information provided by WLS is to be used only as permitted and would be expected by the user conducting his business in a normal manner.

    WLS does not provide any specific information to third parties or non-users without the specific permission of the person(s) that the information was collected from.

    All users are required to include WLS on their standard listing forms, working with a Realtor, or buyer agency agreements that contain a clause whereby the seller/buyer authorizes the collection, use and disclosure of personal information to and by WLS.

  • Disclosure for a new purpose

    Any use of personal information for a new purpose will require the   express consent of the person involved and the user of the system, except to the extent that a request is made by a law enforcement officer, lawyer, private investigator, or other agent or subpoena issued by the courts of BC or Canada.

  • Protecting Information

    The information in the system is maintained and stored electronically within the secure offices of the owners. All users maintain written copies of the personal information related to their customers in their premises. WLS accepts no responsibility for the security of the written information.

    All information stored electronically is password protected and   accessible only through the offices of the users. The system is also protected electronically by customized computer programmes to protect from outside intrusion.

    Personal information no longer required to assist the system with providing the defined services is to be outlined within their specific privacy policy.

    Property information is maintained and stored to provide a database to assist with individual market evaluations, and historical data analysis as is normally required to assist customers to buy and sell property and to identify general market trends.

  • Accuracy and Access to Personal Information

    All personal information is collected directly from the users of the system. It is the responsibility of the user to verify the accuracy of all information collected. WLS accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided to the system by the users.

  • Access to Personal Information/Compliance

    Persons or individuals wishing to review this personal information retained by WLS about him/her and their property should contact the privacy compliance officer to receive a complete copy of all information available. A fee of $20.00 will be charged per request.

  • Compliance

    All complaints from an individual or user relative to the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information should be directed to the privacy officer who will attempt to resolve the complaint to the individuals' satisfaction.

    If the complaint cannot be resolved, the privacy officer will direct the complainant to the Privacy Commissioner of BC.